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Video Calls Give A Sense Of Real Connection
Four years had gone by, and I was missing much of my brother’s life. I saw him for only one week of each summer. I was not there to hang out after school and do homework, and we could not go jogging or ride our bikes, or eat dinner together or watch a movie or play a game, or kick back and talk. While there was no fax machine for a living person, like in the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, thanks to today’s communication technology, we had the next best thing. Every evening we could get on Skype, use video chat, and talk for hours face to face, even though we were not in the same room. There are moments in our lives we do not want our geographically removed relatives to miss. I failed for two years to keep a pet successfully, and when at last I got two kittens that I knew I would be able to keep, it was great to hold them up and show my brother “This one is Lady – see her delicate face, how light it is? She is a lovely Lady. And this is Joker – see why? She’s like the Joker from Dark Knight with those shadows under her eyes.” If all we had were our cell phones, it would not be the same. I know from experience that staying on video chat with my brother makes for a much more meaningful dialogue. If I did not watch... Most Marketers Use Social Media For Business
The greatest advancement in information and communications technology in the last ten years is social networking. With the birth of Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, Friendster, YouTube, and Twitter, communication has been revolutionized by its increased communication options, ease of mass organization, and marketing adaptability. In my opinion, there are several reasons why social media has changed the way we communicate. First, social networks allow people to connect with friends and family from all walks of life. It has brought together long lost family members and old friends that haven’t seen each other in years. Social media has also allowed people to communicate with each other instantaneously despite being thousands of miles apart. Users can now keep in touch with relatives and friends in the army, on business trips, or who are living overseas. Second, social media has also opened the door to new forms of communication. Traditional communication technologies included email, Simple/Multiple Messaging Services (S/MMS), and telephony. Social media created messaging and instant messaging (IM); if a user is not available, a friend can post a message for them to read at a later time, similar to email. If both users are... Rafael Galicot - Smartphones are Here to Stay
Gregorio Galicot and Rafael Galicot: In the last ten years, great strides have been made in the fields of information and communications technology. The greatest advancement so far is the smartphone. No other technological device lets one do as much as a smartphone does. Never has there been so much information in the palm of someone’s hand. Years ago, a personal digital assistant or computer was needed to do what any smartphone can do today. Whether it is a Blackberry, iPhone, or HTC Droid, smartphones are everywhere and soon basic cells phones of the past will be obsolete. A smartphone is, essentially, a super cellular device. With a smartphone, one can not only make voice calls, but video calls as well, as long as their smartphone is equipped with a front-facing camera. Smartphones are capable of sending and receiving emails, browsing the internet, and with the right downloaded applications, shopping, paying bills, making to-do lists, and watching a favorite movie or music video. There are hundreds of thousands of applications available to be downloaded and most of them are free. There are applications that make life easier, like budgeting and scheduling applications, and then there are those that are simply fun to have,... Facebook Has Revolutionized Social Networking
The trend for greater user interaction for internet businesses, and the information and communications technology industry has been steadily growing over the last 10 years. The ability to have a profile where you can store your information securely and share with others for free is a common feature to the technology industry. Although companies such YouTube, Google, Skype, and MySpace, and many others are helping people around the world stay connected, Facebook has made the most significant advances in combining new technology with growing need for novel ways to stay in touch and up to date. Most importantly, Facebook comes at no cost to the user and offers an easy-to-use wealth of social media capability, giving rich and poor, young and old, and near and far away people great capabilities for communication and access to information. Facebook has revolutionized social networking. There is almost an infinite number of ways to interact with friends, acquaintances, and even people you don’t know on Facebook. There are games, surveys about companies and people, video comments, statuses, and the like button just to name a few. All of these components make Facebook a comfortable place for socializing and keeping up with friends.... Everyone Is Now Familiar With Social Networks
Smart phones are by far the greatest advancement in communication technology over the past ten years. What other invention can allow you to combine every method of communication to date and at the convenience of your fingertips? Smart phones are changing the way that people communicate, and in turn changing the way that we live. By incorporating the smart phone into everyday life, people are able to stay in touch with more people, while still facing the demands of a job, a family, and any other important commitments. With the introduction of the first I-phone, we were marveled, and then there was the I-phone two and three and four. The possibilities for communication technology seem to be endless, especially when it comes to smart phones. Now competing against the I-phone are the Droid and other Windows phones by Microsoft. Although they all have different features and appeal, they all have one thing in common and that is multi-tasking. Smart phones have the amazing ability to incorporate so many means of communicating into one small, hand-held device. Back in the day, cell phones were futuristic, being able to call people outside of the house! Now, you can call, text, e-mail, and in some cases even video... The Creation Of The Online Social Networking Websites
The greatest advancement in information and communications technology over the past 10 years is the creation of the online social networking websites. These websites began as a simple way to connect with friends via the internet and recount thoughts, ideas, and recent actions.Since then, Social networking sites have since expanded to become the main form of information exchange across the world in the form of photos, notes, statuses, videos, and all other forms of media. While the cell phone, television, radio, and email are still major forms of communication for people, internet social sites created a completely new form of communication between persons, and site advertisers. The three most famous of these sites are MySpace, Facebook, and the more recent Twitter. The first big communal site was MySpace, named after the idea that each member control an individual page, or “space”, on their web servers that could be accessed by any other member. The MySpace hype began with middle and high school students who wanted to add photos and create their own space away from their parents, safely locking them out of the page with a password. This was the first major social networking site; the beginning of the revolution to create... Cloud Computing Enables Workers To Work Faster And More Effectively
One of the greatest advancements in information and communication technology over the past ten years is Cloud computing. “Cloud computing is the delivery of computing as a service rather than a product, whereby shared resources, software, and information are provided to computers and other devices as a utility over a network” ( Which basically means cloud computing is storing organizing and filing information. The reason I believe cloud computing is the greatest advancement in technology is because the world is growing at a very fast pace and there is a need for greater interconnectivity between computers. Currently, an Ethernet cable can connect from a router to game systems so you can be interconnected with friends while playing games and instant messaging. Also what an Ethernet cable does to benefit both a gaming system and a computer is it allows both sharing information and holding files for the other device. And what cloud computing does is enables companies to work faster and more effectively. It also reduces cost to access technology and information, and also boosts productivity across a business. What it does for everyone and not just businesses but every person that uses... From Computers To Cell Phones
In my opinion technology has come such a long way from where it had begun. Technology is always improving, year by year or even day by day. I think that anywhere from computers to cell phones that technology that has come is amazing. Every time there is something new having to do with the way we communicate, I just think what people can possibly think of next. I have had a couple different phones and each has been very different. From a plain flip phone to a phone with a big screen and touch screen, that is a long way in technology. I think that telephones and computers or I should say both combined have had the greatest advancements in the information and communications technology industry over the last 10 years. Computers and telephones are changing daily becoming more and more advanced. Before I ever got a laptop I just had a plain computer. A plain computer to me is a mouse, a keyboard, a big fat screen, with the tower and all of its wiring. That computer still works great and all but ever since I got a laptop I barley go back to the other one. The other computers which I prefer to call desktop computers are great, and even those have advanced. There are now desktop computers which are very “fancy like” now. They now... Broadband Internet Access
Facebook, Amazon, Google, iTunes, Wikipedia, Ebay, Twitter, Youtube; the internet has unleashed these websites as well as opening the door to online shopping, social networking, information technology, and countless other facets of modern, everyday life. In fact the internet has become so integrated in our society that it is expected that However, this didn’t happen all at once. In order for the internet to evolve into the major information and communication marvel it is today it had to first be used by the average citizen. That’s where broadband internet access came in. The greatest advancement in the information and communications technology industry over the last ten years is easily the explosion of broadband internet access. Broadband internet access has exposed masses of people to the internet and given birth to all kinds of new forms of internet usage. The internet started way back in the 1960’s as a military communication experiment. It was first made available to the general public in 1980’s with the development of “dial up”. Although this made it available to the public, it wasn’t the functional internet we think of today. It was slow, almost painfully so, and also required a dedicated phone line to connect, which... Social Networks Permeate Through The Lives Of All Types Of People
In the past ten years, a mind-boggling amount of progress has been made in the field of communications. For instance, in this past decade alone, humanity has seen the explosion of instant messaging, video chatting, and many other forms of communication. If one had to say which of these developments has been the most significant, however, then they would have to say that the rise of social networking has completely revolutionized the world. After all, it’s no longer used just by college students to exchange notes about class. In fact, the reason that social networking is such a great advancement is that it has been able to permeate through the lives of all types of people, whether they know it or not. It’s becoming more and more common nowadays to see a business dabbling with some form of social networking. In fact, a person would be hard-pressed to find a major company in this country that doesn’t have a Facebook page or a Twitter account. All of this advertising has greatly impacted these businesses, especially considering that they may be getting thousands or millions of new customers for about five minutes of work to create the account. Social networking has allowed businesses to get their names out to the public in a way... Social Networking Through The Internet And Phones
Today, we have reached an all time high on technological advancements. It has influenced us within societies fashion, education, and economy. Technological advancements started as early as the 20th century and still grapples to cultivate. I know that for me, my dependency on technology has grown stupendously. I use my blackberry, for instance, for homework, as a dictionary, to communicate with others, and when I’m bored, I play games on it. Also, around the world people have developed social networking through the internet and phones. I feel that America, as a whole, will only become more dependent on technology within the next five years. Technology has made a huge impact on my life throughout my high school years. Most professors and teachers say that technology has made America lazy. Well, I would have to strongly agree that it has. Most schools do not even have steady text books anymore and receive and turn in their assignments through emails and websites. My school, High School for Environmental Studies, encourages this because they feel that it would help the environment by saving the usage of trees. This may help the planet, but it does not help children’s education today. Literally nobody studies for a test anymore;... Handheld Mobile Radiophone
I believe the greatest advancement in the information and communications technology industry is the cell phone. At the definition of a cell phone is “A handheld mobile radiophone for use in an area divided into small sections, each with its own short-range transmitter/receiver.” Although that is a good definition it would not work entirely since even the definition has evolved over the years. Around the 1870’s a man named Alexander Graham Bell created the very first telephone. The device was called a telegraph which has used a lot during the war to communicate with other soldiers. The telegraph would use morse code in order to send messages. The only problem with that it was so limited that you could only send or receive one at a time, so you could not keep an ongoing constant conversation. Four years later he invented a telegraph that could send more than one message at the same time. During that time he was also studying a way he could incorporate electricity in his work. Bell was hoping to create another device that could transmit speeches electrically. In 1876 Bell created the worlds first telephone! Eventually the telegraph died off because it was better to talk electronically then to use... Using The Internet For Communication
Communication and technology have forever become entwined. Through the use of technology, people have been able to communicate with each other as never before. Our world has become smaller with e-mails, social networking sites, and instant messaging. However, the ability to communicate has shown the most innovation in video conferencing. With the use of web cameras, people have been able to use communication to help with education, increase productivity, and gather more people together from diverse locations. The use of video in a real-time format creates a dynamic environment for people to share ideas and stay in touch. Education is no longer confined to a brick and mortar environment. As a student from a virtual public school, I understand how using the internet for communication benefits both the teacher and the student. The teacher is able to reach more students in different locations in order to teach the material. Teachers are able to demonstrate how to perform lab experiments or give examples for math problems all while lowering costs for school districts as the teachers work from home and the school’s overhead costs are reduced. For the student, video conferencing means they have a greater opportunity to...

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